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    Our high-quality online Child Development Associate (CDA) program includes:

  • One-hundred and twenty training hours in eight key competency areas
  • Guidance in the creation of the CDA professional portfolio; including collection of the required resource items Mentoring in locating a PD specialist
  • Mentoring in locating a PD specialist
  • Assistance in completion of a resume and cover letter
  • Support in proper collection procedures
  • Careful review of competency goal statements
  • Informative online chat sessions and conference call sessions

    Participants will receive the coursework needed to receive any one of the following CDA credentials:

  • Center-based Infant/Toddler (English)
  • Center-based Preschool (English)
  • Family Child Care (English)

    During coursework you will learn about the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential Competency Goals including:

  • Planning a safe, healthy learning environment
  • Steps to advance children’s physical and intellectual development
  • Positive ways to support children’s social and emotional development
  • Strategies to establish productive relationships with families
  • Strategies to manage an effective program operation
  • Maintaining a commitment to professionalism
  • Observing and recording children’s behavior
  • Principles of child development and learning

    Additionally, you will learn about the following exciting subjects and much, much more:

  • Child growth and development
  • Types of childcare programs
  • Observing young children
  • Classroom environments
  • Child nutrition
  • Daily routines
  • Curriculum planning
  • Parent involvement

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